What is a Busy Bee?

Busy Bee {noun} A woman who knows who she is or is in the process of discovering who she is (God’s Masterpiece).   She understands her work is to be completed in seasons. She does not compare her life with others, but encourages others to live out their purpose. She is one of a kind. 

The story behind the name My precious daughter read me a story about worker bees. On that day, I learned  worker bees complete their work in seasons.  There is a season for them to feed the younger bees and a season to make wax and the seasons go on and on. As we continued to read, these are the thoughts that filled my heart…

God desires for his daughters to understand that our work is to be completed in seasons and wants us to embrace each season with a heart of gratitude and commitment. He does not want us to compare our life with others, but to find contentment with where we are and what He has called us to do.