Don’t Backpedal Now!

It’s been some time since my last post and I send my sincere apologies. I could give you a list of reasons excuses like…  I was busy wrestling a local alligator or training for a marathon. Which, neither is true. Full transparency… I began this post several months ago. I needed to meditate on the title,… Continue reading Don’t Backpedal Now!


When Your Well Runs Dry…

The past two years I've been committed to reading the bible in a year and this year I'm on a journey to go through the chronological bible...really exciting! Here's the deal... I've struggled these past couple of months with consistency.  I've had a desire to be consistent but "life" as some of you may be… Continue reading When Your Well Runs Dry…


How Much Time?

In the past two weeks,  we've had two deaths in our family. My maternal great-great aunt and my paternal uncle. My great-great aunt lived to be 96 years old, what an incredible blessing that is! My uncle, whose lived the past 15 years with Lou Gehrig's disease is resting in peace - no more suffering. I found myself thinking… Continue reading How Much Time?


Do You Ever Feel Insignificant?

Do you ever feel that there’s so much more you want to do but your current priorities and responsibilities don’t permit more? Your hopes and dreams on hold and deep down inside you fear that time is running out. You fear that the hopes and dreams that you’ve had since a young child may never… Continue reading Do You Ever Feel Insignificant?


Why being an “Independent Woman” is overrated 

For decades women have been fighting for their independence, me included. Being raised by a single mother, I’ve always had a special reverence for women who were independent. By independent, I mean a woman who gets the job done without a man and doesn't. “need” a man because she is more than capable of ensuring… Continue reading Why being an “Independent Woman” is overrated