About Me



A snapshot of me…

I’m wife to Jason and mother to Jamal, Janiya, and Daniel.
I’m a homeschool mom. Who would have thought? God’s plan, not mine.

My family and I reside in Florida.  Being a Florida girl, I love going to the beach, but not for the water.

I can’t swim.

No judging, I enjoy the view.



I haven’t always been content with the seasons of my life; frankly I struggle with contentment on a regular basis.

My plan for my life was to graduate college, go to law school and become a high profile defense attorney… key word, MY… Apparently this is either not God’s plan for my life or I haven’t reached that season yet.
Upon graduating college, I worked in child welfare for 7 years. Approaching my 2nd year as an Adoption Supervisor, the Lord spoke to me to come home full time. 

I’ll share more of how the numbers didn’t add up financially but my husband and I trusted God anyways. I believed God had a greater plan for my life and for my family, as does He yours. I didn’t have it all figured out, but He did.


In other words, I’m a “hot mess” and as you follow my blog you’ll learn just how much of a “hot mess” I am, and how incredibly awesome God is.

Thank you for buzzing along with me on this journey.