Recently the kids and I were walking home from the park, it was hot and humid. Sweat dripped down my back and the sun shined bright upon my face.

I’m use to the heat and the humidity, I’m from Florida but OMG….

As we continued to walk, out of no where the wind began to blow and the trees began to sway.

“Praise the Lord!”

It is important that we praise the Lord for the “small” things just as we praise Him for the “big” things.

He is worthy to be praised.

Psalm 150:6 says, let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

Whether you are facing a trial or celebrating a victory, praise the Lord!

Psalm 147:1

Praise the Lord!
For it is good to sing praises to our God;
For it is pleasant, and praise is

You can learn more about Five Minute Friday, and how the link-up works right here.

The prompt is: PRAISE

* This is written a day later but I still wanted to participate. 🙂






  1. There’s power in our acknowledgement that He is worthy, above all else, of our worship and praise. His Spirit urges us onward, to press in close to Him. Doesn’t matter how good or “not so good” we feel like we can sing, doesn’t matter if we like upbeat worship, more reflective songs, or traditional hymns. Doesn’t matter if we’re alone, with a few, or in a big group. Doesn’t even matter whether we “feel” like it or not. What matters is this – our hearts in tune with our Creator and King.

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