Hello there!

I have joined Five Minute Friday, a writing community for Christian writers.  Each week  a writing challenge is emailed with a single word, this week’s word is COMPLETE.

I wanted to take the challenge. Ok, here it goes!

Have a blessed the week!

I used to think that I would be complete when I had
my first child,
got married,
or earned my college degree.

The truth is you can have all you ever dreamed of and still feel

It was not until August 1, 2004, when the emptiness began to
fade away.

What changed you ask —

I received Him into my heart,
believed in Him and began trusting Him.

The empty hole that once occupied my heart began to
day after day.

God’s truth began to remove all the lies I once heard and
the lies I had told myself.

God’s love began to heal my bruised soul.
It is Christ,
who completes me,
Completes us.

💜 Chrystal



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