Sorry, I Lied…

It is not ok for you to invite me on a day out with you and you spend the majority of the time on your cell phone.

I know I said it was ok.

I lied.

I didn’t want you to think I was being petty. The truth is — you were RUDE.

How many of us have friends that cannot put their phones down? Or, just maybe we’re that friend.

I was recently invited out by a friend and most of the time she was either texting or talking on her phone, while whispering to me how sorry she was for doing it. The first time, I got it… maybe she’d just remembered she had a text to send and she wanted to do it before she forgot. I get that… guilty.

The second time… I thought, you’re being rude but you really don’t mean to be so, it’s ok.

The third time… hmm, you’re rude and you really don’t care.

Was I counting? I sure was. Yeah, that’s probably just a tad bit petty. Maybe or maybe not… it’s all about perspective.

Just when I wanted to judge her, I was reminded of my own indiscretions. I have done this. It’s usually not my cell phone because most of the time, I can’t even find it. However, I have invited a friend over and washed dishes, swept the floor, or did the laundry all while whispering “I am so sorry” and my friend’s response “it’s ok.”

When we don’t give others our undivided attention, what we’re ultimately saying is “you’re not worthy of my attention.”

Taking it just a step further, when we do this we’re echoing the lie the devil so often whispers to us… “you’re not worthy.” The devil is subtle and very crafty. If we are not careful, we can be used by him and not even know it.

I challenge us to be intentional about giving others our undivided attention. I also challenge us to be honest about how we feel when we’re accompanying someone who just cannot keep their eyes off of their phones or doesn’t put down the broom.

ps.. You are worthy.

💜 Chrystal



  1. Wow. Yes! Call me old -fashioned but I don’t like phones on dates, at the dinner table or anything else that requires true quality time. I often say, the phone is for my convenience, not everyone else’s convenience to get in touch with me when I am spending quality time with friends or family. You are absolutely right. This needed to be said. We are in a society that thinks it is okay to “just take this call real quick” or “send a quick text” or check social media. I think it is said that we can be such slaves to every beep, tweet, or sound our phones make.


  2. Yes, I love this! I have also had this happen as well as – have done it to others. But, I couldn’t agree with you more about being a more attentive/active listener. It’s simply, the right thing to do! Thanks for sharing!


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