Don’t Backpedal Now!

It’s been some time since my last post and I send my sincere apologies. I could give you a list of reasons excuses like…  I was busy wrestling a local alligator or training for a marathon.

Which, neither is true.

Full transparency… I began this post several months ago. I needed to meditate on the title, had to allow it to penetrate… just a little while longer.

“Don’t back peddle now!”

Say it.

Now, say it like you mean it! If you’re as brave as I know you are, then change up the words a little and shout, “I won’t back peddle now!”


It was freeing wasn’t it?

I can remember when the Lord put it on my heart to leave my job in child welfare to become a stay at home wife and mom.  I believed I’d heard from him but I didn’t understand the how… it made absolutely no sense at all. I relentlessly went over our finances, yet the numbers never added up.  My husband and I prayed, we agreed and we decided to walk in faith.

There were moments prior to me putting in my resignation, that I’d ask my husband “are you sure we should do this?”  His response always remained the same, “do you believe the Lord placed this on your heart, and if so, lets do it.”

Though I believed in my heart I was suppose to leave my job, because I didn’t understand the how, I began to fear.  I began to second guess.  I was tempted backpedal.

Glory be to God, we’d grossed more that year than we’d ever grossed in previous years. That year my faith increased, my trust in the Lord increased and my dependence upon myself decreased.

Let’s look at Peter for a moment.  Most of us know the story… Peter in the boat with the other disciples and they see Jesus walking on water.  Peter was unsure of his safety, he didn’t know if safety resided in the boat or out.  He took his chances and asked Jesus, if it be him, then command him to come to him on the water, and Jesus said “come.”

Oh, I can only imagine how excited Peter was. Jesus was calling for him to join him on the water.  This was unchartered territory for Peter, he’d never walked on water before. Much like you and I, there are things the Lord has called us to do that are unfamiliar and can only be accomplished if we put our trust in him.

See, Peter was so excited to be joining Jesus on water, he didn’t think about the “what ifs”. However, something happened…he began focusing on the wind, rather than remaining focused on Jesus.

How many of us have began our journey of following what we believe the Lord has called us to do and in the midst, we lose focus?  Instead of focusing on Jesus, we begin focusing on the circumstances around us.

We have two choices, either we can backpedal to what seems safe or we can move forward into unchartered, unfamiliar territory, which requires us to trust the Lord and walk in faith.

As your sister in Christ, I’m encouraging you… Don’t backpedal now!  Keep pressing, keep moving forward in faith toward the thing or things the Lord has placed on your heart to do.

Life will happen, storms will come, and winds will blow, BUT He who has began a good work in us is faithful to complete it.

Take a moment to share what God has put on your heart, that others may come alongside you to offer up prayer and encouragement.

💜 Chrystal 




  1. Hello There! I found you on the Becoming Press link up and so glad I did. My story is the same as yours – I left my job to take care of my grandchildren, our income increased dramatically and all is well. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. A dear loved one followed Him and her heart – and that year their income was unexpectedly cut by 40%! However, the LORD has repeatedly made it clear that this was the right decision for their family. I so respect and admire her faith and lack of “back pedaling”, in spite of her circumstances. The LORD continues to meet their needs and their faith continues to grow. Philippians 4:7 comes to mind: And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. God is good all the time, all the time, God is good! Thank you so much for sharing!


    • Hi Patricia! I’m so happy you found me on Becoming Press. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and share your heart. I agree with you, it doesn’t always work out that way, BUT the Lord is faithful and does provide and protect those who put their trust in him. In my own experiences with taking leaps of faith, I’ve seen where things don’t appear to be going as I expected but the Lord continues to be faithful to my family and I, providing us with everything we need. Your friend’s story is very encouraging, my prayers are with her and her family as they continue to trust in the Lord. I love that scripture! God is good! Thank you again Patricia!


    • Hi Rebekah! Yes it can be scary and you’re absolutely correct, even when we work up the courage, we may want to turn back to “safety”. There has been multiple occasions I’ve wanted to turn back and if I can be completely honest, there have been times that I have turned back. I’m finding life is much more adventurous when we step out in faith. Thank you for reading and taking time out to comment.


  2. Oh how fun the life of faith is! Scary but fun! We had the same kind of job situation when we felt the same need for me to quit & stay home! In faith I quit. My husband got a raise that equaled my salary. Unexpected!


    • I absolutely agree, scary but fun! He never ceases to amaze me. There is no better way for us to live, than by faith. I’m always excited and encouraged to hear testimonies of the Lord’s faithfulness. Thank you for sharing!


  3. Thank u Sis, just the push that I needed today (Sooo encouraging)!

    P.S. Thank you & Jason for ALWAYS being there for us!👍


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