How Much Time?

In the past two weeks,  we’ve had two deaths in our family. My maternal great-great aunt and my paternal uncle.

My great-great aunt lived to be 96 years old, what an incredible blessing that is! My uncle, whose lived the past 15 years with Lou Gehrig’s disease is resting in peace – no more suffering.

I found myself thinking of the verse in James 4:14,  that says our lives are but a vapor. A vapor is but for a moment; present one minute and gone the next.

Have you ever had someone pass away and mouthed these words “I just saw her yesterday? I just saw him a week ago,or I just saw them last month?”

I have.

I write this, not with the intent to cause you to focus on death but to focus on life – to live with passion and purpose.  To live in such a way that Jesus’s name is made famous in all the earth!

We’ve each been entrusted with a certain amount of time, unknown to us.  Are you spending your time accumulating things such as clothes, shoes, handbags, cars, or houses?

Don’t get me wrong… I love a “bad” pair of heels but I don’t live for them… not anymore anyways.

Our time is short.

Our days are numbered.

We have to live life with intention.  Being intentional in each season of our lives will help us to  accomplish the tasks the Lord has placed before us.  You and I have been given great gifts and talents from the Lord… lets use them!

Prayer: Lord, Jesus, help us to live the life you’ve called us to live. We know our lives are but a vapor and we pray we’ll be good stewards of the time you’ve entrusted us with.   Help us to not focus on living to accumulate things but to live in such a way that will impact your kingdom and impact the lives around us.  In Jesus name, amen.


What are some ways you’re being a good steward of the time you’ve been entrusted with? What is God calling you to do and are you doing it?











  1. This brings back memories of when our oldest daughter passed away last June 16, 2016. We had just spent 2 weeks with her the middle of May of 2016. She passed away in her sleep. That was an awakening as to how she and I spend time trying to do something for the Kingdom of God. I try now to fully focus on what God will have me to do. Sorry for your loss, but what a blessing that your Aunt lived to be 96 yrs. old.


    • Gloria, I’m so sorry for your loss. I pray your heart continues to be comforted and encouraged as you set out to do God’s will.

      Thank you for your warm expression for our family’s loss. Also, thank you for taking time out to read my blog.


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