A Broken and Contrite Spirit, the Lord Will Not despise. 

Today while working out, I heard a song by Lecrae, featuring Kari Jobe called “Broken”.   I’d heard this song many times before today, but today was the first time I’d actually listened to the lyrics.

My heart was moved by the lyrics of this song because I used to want for people to look at me and be like “that sista has it together.”  I thank Jesus that is no longer my desire.  I desire for people to look at my life and not see me at all but the Jesus that lives in me.

I thank Jesus for helping me to understand that it is in my brokenness that I know I desperately need him.

I thank Jesus for the scripture in Psalm 51:17 that reads: The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.

When we acknowledge and embrace the broken parts of our lives, I believe it allows God to begin to make us whole in those areas.

We don’t have to be ashamed of the areas of our life that are broken.  These areas of our life will help others come to know the healing power of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Acknowledging our own brokenness will allow for us to look at others with compassion and grace.  It will help us to love the unloveable because we too can be unloveable at times.

My hope is that as you read this, you will take an inventory of the areas of your life that you dare not share with anyone because of fear they’ll find out just how broken you are.

As women of God, we don’t walk in fear, for God has not given us the spirit of fear but of power, of love, and of a sound mind. (2 Tim 1:7)  

We are overcomers and the way we overcome is by the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony. ( Rev 12:11)

May we testify to the goodness and faithfulness of our Lord Jesus Christ.  

May we allow for our brokenness to be seen by others that they will know they’re not alone. 

Our Heavenly Father wants to take every broken piece of our lives and put it back together, piece by piece. 

Praying for each of you always. 

💜 Chrystal 







  1. It made me smile to see your honesty: I used to want for people to look at me and be like “that sista has it together.”
    I was there too and sometimes still get caught up in that trap. Thank you for reminding me of the faithfulness of Jesus.
    Much love,


  2. YAAAAASSSS, this is yet – another powerful message.! Your words literally lift up, come to life and speak directly to the heart of the readers. Sis, it’s such an irony that I listened to a song called “Broken” by Shekinah Glory, just yesterday. It was my first time hearing it, but the lyrics mimicked your message. I was so moved by it….and even felt led by the Spirit when I received a call from a sister in Christ, yesterday that her 17yr old daughter had just been tragically killed in a car accident. Your message gives me further understanding of why the Spirit inspired me to find and share that song “Broken” – coupled with a poem. Your words help me to see why they are so fitting for that situation (as she struggled with guilt, condemnation and pain). Jesus take the wheel!

    Sis, thanks and love you so much for sharing!


    • Praise the Lord!!! God gives us exactly what we need for when we need it. My heart is grieved for the mother that lost her daughter and I’ll be praying for their family. Thank you for being so readily available to pray and encourage your sisters. I love you and am very thankful for you!


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