A Prayer for the New Year… 

Happy New Year!

I am thankful to celebrate the beginning of 2017 with all of you.

Lord God, thank you for bringing us into a new year. Thank you for your faithfulness this past year.  There may have been things that took place last year that were intended to take us out, but you kept us.  You kept our hearts encouraged through the truth of your word.

You have named us as victorious and this is how we  will enter into this new year.

I pray in the name of Jesus, that we will be completely whole, lacking nothing.  We will be   brave and courageous.  We will stand firm on the promises of your word and be lights in a dark world.

Help us Lord to be women that encourage and intercede for each other.  Help us to be godly women, godly wives and godly mothers.  Pour out your spirit upon us Lord.  Give us the very wisdom we need to journey through 2017.

Lord, I pray marriages be restored, relationships between parents and children be restored, and relationships between sibling are also restored.

Have your way oh Lord in each of our hearts.

Help us to experience you in a new way.

May this year be a year that we grow in our faith, serve like never before, and love like never before!

In Jesus name… amen, amen, and amen!






  1. Amen…..such a beautiful and powerful prayer. Lord, I touch and agree with my sister. I also wait (expectantly) for your answered manifestation! We believe you, God!!!

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