What lesson is God trying to teach you through the scribble? 

What were your initial thoughts when you saw this picture? Come on, be honest. This is a no judgement zone.

Over a year ago, my husband showed me this picture, he said our son Daniel, 4 at the time had drawn it… or should I say scribbled it.

He had a proud look on his face but my eyebrows were raised and I was about to go all in, on how sloppy it was, how I’ve told him over and over to do all things with excellence, etc.

I know… you’re probably thinking, give him a break, he’s only 4…

Let me remind you… this is a no judgment zone :).

My husband began to share with me that our 4 year old at the time explained his scribble like this… “the orange and the red represent the storm, the blue represents the rain, and the green represents the grass.”

He didn’t stop there.

He went on to say, “in order for the the grass to grow, we need rain,  and the storm brings the rain.”

😳 … yes, exactly the look I had on my face.

Several days prior to this scribble, my heart had been heavy.  I was experiencing feelings of uncertainty, weariness, anxiousness, and the list goes on.

I needed a word from God.  I needed to know that he heard my prayers.  That he knew the feelings I’d been experiencing.  I needed answers to my questions.

In a quick moment I’d grumbled in my heart “if one more thing goes wrong, I’m going to break!”

The Lord, in all his graciousness and in all his love put it on my 4 year olds heart to scribble that picture, speak those words to my husband, and for my husband to share with me.

Tears spilled down my cheeks. Those previous feelings had to take a back seat. My father was speaking and he used a scribble to ensure me that no matter what…

He controls the storm and it halts at the sound of his voice.

He provided assurance that the storm was not there to take me out  but to grow me up.

I had to learn to trust in him and him alone, never my circumstances.

What storm are you faced with today?

Maybe you’re in a financial rut. Your marriage is rocky or your children are acting out.

Whatever it may be, go through knowing that it will not take you out. It’s going to prepare you for the woman God has called you to be.

God is with you through your storm. He’s cheering you on!

Learn what needs to be learned so you can encourage another woman through her storm.

Praying your heart is encouraged,

Chrystal 💜



  1. Wow! What a powerful word of encouragement……..reminds me of the song called “After the Storm….”. It also reminds me of Jesus asleep on the boat – in the middle of a storm. He commanded us to have faith and showed us that He would not only be with us (during the storm), but get us through it! Yes,………His Grace is truly sufficient!

    Beautiful, Beautiful word!!! Thank you!

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  2. God is so amazing to me. He is shaping and molding us in these scribbles of life. So when we go through and get through it it will be for His glory and for our testimony. Thank you for sharing your heart : )

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    • Yes, He is. You’re absolutely right, He shapes and molds us through scribbles. Prayerfully we submit to the process so that Je can be gloried. Thank you for taking out the time to read and comment. Blessings 💜


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