He is…

He is an incredible listener.

He gives great advise and will never lead me astray.

He sees me as the apple of his eyes.

When He speaks, He speaks with such eloquence, authority, and clarity.

He’s dependable- He will never let me down.

He pursues me with gentleness, never forcing me into anything but meeting me right where I am.

His love is like none, I’ve ever known.  He supplies my needs and I lack nothing.

If he wanted to give me the stars, moon, and the sun, He could because they all belong to him.

He is slow to anger.

His grace is sufficient and his mercy endures forever.

He forgives quickly, never to bring up my wrongs again.

He became poor that I could be rich.  He sacrificed his life to save mine.

 He is my Father, My Hero, My Lord. 

                       He is Jesus!


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