Did I Think I’d Be Writing a Blog?


As a young girl, I would write all the time.  Mostly poems, dark expressions of a life of disappointment and shame.

Writing allowed me to  express my true feelings without judgement.  My journal was my refuge.

Very protective of my writings, I dared to share with no one, other than Mr. Inquisitive. He was a young fellow with a shared interest in writing….poetry to be exact.  Surprisingly, I trusted him  enough to share my heart with him, not knowing that one day he’d be the one I’d share my life with.  Shortly after reconnecting with Mr. Inquisitive, I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior.

Having no desire to be reminded of my painful past I got rid of old writings.  I was in a new place, the sun had never shined so bright before.

Though I’d stopped writing, the desire to write, remained.

Years had passed and I hadn’t put the pen on paper until on a return trip from Chicago to my home state, Florida.  The Lord began to speak to my heart, unlike I’d ever heard him before.

My heart was burdened. Burdened for women to know God and to know who he created them to be.  In my desire to be obedient to the Lord, I allowed unspoken words to spill out unto a word document.

As I sat down with my laptop and fingers briskly stroking the keyboard, I felt alive! I knew I had to write and I had to write from a place of transparency and vulnerability.

The gospel has radically changed my heart and my life and I want that for every woman! My desire is to encourage women to embrace each season of their lives with gratitude and for them to know they are not alone.

Together, our hearts will be encouraged and generations will be changed as we sacrifice our plans to fulfill His purpose.

🐝   buzz along with me as I embark upon this new season of my life🐝







  1. Amazing way of speaking and being able to put it all down in words and express yourself with so much feeling, I enjoyed reading it and I’m very happy to re-connect again and be a living testimony for others !! Much love from the Sunshine state ☀️🌈

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    • Thank you very much for your kind words. I’m happy we were able to reconnect also, loved seeing your beautiful art. Looking forward to seeing more of it. I’m feeling the love from the Sunshine State!! 😊


  2. Amazing! You are such a natutal (writer/author/blogger). Be encouraged and continue to let God use you – this is such an inspiration and I admire you for it!

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