Welcome! I’m very excited you’re here!

I want to share with you lessons I have learned, or should I say lessons I’m constantly learning.  I don’t have it all together but I trust and depend on a God who does.

I am passionate about women experiencing Jesus’s perfect love and having a revelation of His truth.  I don’t know where you are in this journey called life, but I hope to encourage, equip, and empower you to live the life God created you to live.

Since I’ll be sharing with you lessons I’m learning, I ask that you do the same.  Lets learn and grow together!








  1. From the moment I clicked on your blog, the first thought was..” Wow look at God’s Grace”.. Simply blown away!! I pray that God continues to fill you with Godly wisdom, knowledge and power.. To encourage everyone that clicks on your blog to read. May hearts be open to receive, and minds be changed to apply changes. I’m proud of you Sista from the church ☺ keep pressing, God has never made a mistake.. And He has already equipped you with all you’ll ever need!
    Blessings to you and your Family.


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